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Scrum Master answers questions from colleagues about the Scrum framework

According to the Scrum Guide, the Scrum Master role is responsible for training other staff on Scrum topics. The Scrum Master role must know the whole of Scrum in-depth and be able to advise everyone else. I present to you sample questions to the newly appointed Scrum Master in the organization and his sample answersContinue reading “Scrum Master answers questions from colleagues about the Scrum framework”


Introduction to production management

Production management includes management of the stages of design, development, and testing. The BVOP product management certification program includes these additional topics, which makes the certification organization unique and different. See the BVOP Ultimate Guide for reference. (BVOP: And taking the certification exam still involves many more topics. In this article, we will discussContinue reading “Introduction to production management”

Agile and Waterfall Project Management and value

Agile and Waterfall project management are the two main areas of product development that follow a process. We call this process project management. However, project management includes various practices. Special sections on business value have already been published in PMBOK, BVOP Ultimate Guide, and the Scrum Guide. Yes exactly. Business value is already part ofContinue reading “Agile and Waterfall Project Management and value”