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The digital transformation of HR, how not to get frustrated with new technologies

Before introducing new technology, it is necessary to calculate the risks and budget for errors in advance. Now there are many digital products on the market, but not all of them are universal: each company must find its solutions.

Chatbots vs audio bots

Chatbots are no longer just a new digital technology, but a trend actively used by the HR departments of many companies.

How do they work? When the vacancy is selected, the candidate receives a message from the bot with the following text: “Hello! I am a virtual assistant, I want to conduct an interview and talk about the vacancy. ” The candidate’s answers help to understand how suitable this candidate is for the vacant position. A chatbot can solve problems related to attracting a candidate and arranging a meeting. E-recruiters work best for mass recruitment. These are typical, common vacancies with a minimum set of requirements. To appoint a person as a seller or cashier, a long and careful conversation is not required. It is enough to ask just a few simple questions and get an answer to them, which the chatbot successfully does.

In addition to chatbots, there are also audio bots, but in most cases the former work better. The most obvious advantage is that candidates can communicate with them from a mobile phone and do so at any time of the day.

Usually, people search for new jobs in the second half of the day after their work day at the current job ends. Unlike the audio bot, which can still call at an inconvenient time, the chatbot “knocks” on the messenger and understands when it’s convenient for a conversation. The other advantage is speed. From the moment the candidate sees the vacancy to the appointment of the virtual meeting, it takes a minute and a half.

In traditional recruitment, the pace is much slower: until the person responds, until the employee sees his response, calls and asks a clarifying question, schedules an interview, several days pass. Chatbots work best for highly competitive vacancies with high turnover.

Any company can make a chatbot, it’s not hard.

What is required for this? First, you need to create a dialogue script that will help you get a suitable answer to the vacancy: write closed questions with a yes / no answer, as well as alternative ones with the possibility of choosing an answer from several open for detailed comments. The maximum number of questions is from five to seven, each new question gives a conversion loss of 2%.

You need to think over the script so that the candidate does not think on his own about what to do next. Let the bot introduce itself, and tell about the company and the vacancy in a simple, accessible language that does not confuse the candidate. Next, it is necessary to develop a design for a chatbot: for example, to make a background image that is related to a company. This will increase brand awareness and candidate loyalty.

You can then test the chatbot. Receiving statistics on communication with candidates, you need to take into account errors and correct them. Reference: “For HR managers: HR automation tools or traditional recruitment methods”,

Cloud technologies

Chatbots are only part of a big process – a digital transformation that all companies in the world are going through. Dr. Ernesto Marinelli, Senior Vice President and Global Team Leader of HRBP, talks about the digital transformation at SAP (Italy).

SAP’s strategy includes three main elements: employee experience, corporate culture, and cloud technology. “When I want to check some information, I can do it with one click. 20 years ago, it was difficult to predict that the technology would reach such a scale. This fact completely changes the perception of the world and, in particular, of work, ”says Marinelli.

The corporate culture at SAP is based on the following principles: everyone can be who they want to be, do what they want to do, and everyone has talent. Although it sounds very simple and banal it is necessary to constantly work on the development of the talents of employees. In the era of digital transformation, cloud technologies help to be more flexible and follow the times.

“If you look at the world through the prism of recent years, you can see that it is employee experience, culture, and cloud technologies that are changing business. The first element is very important for buyers. The second is basically for new employees. Thanks to this approach to recruitment at SAP, every employee can get their dream job. The organization employs people from 19 countries around the world, and the company has every chance to become number one in the Italian labor market. And third: all companies must use cloud technologies, as they shape modern reality. In other words, the digital transformation is a great opportunity for human resources to create these working conditions that will be comfortable for everyone,” concludes Marinelli.


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