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What are the responsibilities of the Product Owner role in Scrum?

The Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the usefulness of the product as a result of the work of the Scrum Team. Or:

The preparation and clear formulation of the Product Goal;
Creating and communicating the elements of the Product Backlog;
Arranging and prioritizing the elements of the Product Backlog;
Ensuring Product Backlog is visible, transparent, and clear;
Release management
Track work progress, time, and budget. Reference: “Responsibilities of the Product Owner role in Scrum”,

Who is the manager of Scrum?

Scrum does not have a manager in the conventional sense but has key roles with specific functions and responsibilities. These are the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Development team. The team, which includes these three roles, self-organizes, chooses its tasks, and takes responsibility for the work it has done. There should be no situation in which any of these roles assign tasks. Reference: “Responsibilities and skills of the Product Owner role in Scrum“,

What does the value of the work done mean?

Value for consumers can be any convenience, usefulness, and provision of some social or professional good for consumers. Value for stakeholders (owners, investors, partners, representatives) can be said to be measured in some profit or benefit – financial gain, economic or marketing benefit. More Scrum articles here…

What is User Story?

User history is usually the simplest possible requirement for a particular functionality (or function) of a product. It defines what action or intention the consumer wants to achieve and why it addresses a need, core value, or goal derived from experience. History must also provide business value, something that is difficult to quantify but can be qualified at the level of history, function, epic, or version. The most commonly used standard format for creating a User Story is:
“As [a user persona], I want [to perform this action] so that [I can accomplish this goal].” Reference: “What are the responsibilities of the Product Owner role?“,

Why may User Story not mean a task that team members work on?

Consumer history is a short and informal description of a consumer’s need. The story helps teams understand what is important to consumers and businesses before considering how to implement it. Satisfying customer needs does not always require certain product functionality, which must be justified in a development task by the team.
It is possible that the story is poorly written or incomplete, or that no acceptance criteria can be set for it. In these cases, the user history may not be formulated as a task for the team. Reference: “

Which possible start-up activity can be performed by the Product Owner role and stakeholders and why?

Creating a Product Vision. It serves to show employees, colleagues, investors, and, last but not least, customers and consumers what the long-term goals behind product development are. Reference: “The Best Product Owner Certifications and Courses”,

What are the responsibilities of the Scrum Product Manager role?

The role of the product manager is to define a product that meets the needs of customers and profits the company by using technological innovations to achieve these two goals. His responsibilities include a wide range of activities such as analysis of the competition and general market trends, detailed study of consumer needs, the definition of product functionalities that will meet these needs, and monitoring the overall process of product development and launch. market. To implement them, the product manager works with almost all other roles in the organization – marketing, sales, finance, UX and graphic designers, programmers, customer service, and others and directly with the client. Reference: “Certified Product Owner role in Scrum teams“,

What are the important knowledge and qualities of the Product Owner role?

The product owner must know the product, its functionalities, and its requirements for it from the point of view of the interested parties. Its role requires clear and transparent communication, the ability to sift through the important and valuable functionalities of the product, and to prioritize tasks. Basic qualities: can satisfy the client’s requirements, is a good storyteller, can delegate, resolve conflicts, share knowledge, and is effective. Reference: Scrum Product Owner section on Customer Service US website

What is the difference between the value for consumers of a product and the value of the product from the point of view of its owners?

Value for consumers can be any convenience, utility, and provision of some social or professional benefit to consumers, while the value for owners is measured in some profit or benefit – financial gain, economic or marketing benefit.

How often should the Product Owner role guide the Development team on how they should do their job?

The Scrum Product Owner does not guide the team on how to do their job but focuses on what is more important to do first.

What does prioritizing work mean?

Defining and focusing on important tasks or which part or functionality of the product is of greater value to the customer and should end first.

Why should the Scrum Product Owner role prioritize work?

This is the main responsibility of this role. The Scrum Product Owner communicates with the customer and is best acquainted with what is most important to him and the requirements for the product/service.

Why can stakeholders stop working on a product when, in terms of planned work, the product is not ready yet?

Because what is currently being developed may no longer be of value to the final product or the customer. In this case, the team should stop working, despite what was originally planned.


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